Jerry Maguire’s Mission Statement…


“If the tapdancing becomes less constant, less furious, less necessary, what will the result be? The result will be more honesty, more focus, fewer clients, but eventually the revenues will be the same. Because the new day of honesty will create a machine more personalized, more truthful, and the client that wasn’t bullshitted this year, has a greater chance of greatness next year.

The answer is fewer clients. Less dancing. More truth. We must crack open the tightly clenched fist of commerce and give a little back for the greater good. Eventually revenues will be the same, and that goodness will be infectious. We will have taken our number oneness and turned it into something greater. And eventually smaller will become bigger, in every way, and especially in our hearts…

Forget the dance. Focus…Love the job. Be the job.”

Jerry Maguire’s Mission Statement

  • Hikers wait for 3 years, pay $700 and travel to New Hampshire for boots made by Peter Limmer.
  • Musicians wait for 5 years, and pay more than $100,000 for a violin made by Sam Zygmuntowicz in Brooklyn.
  • Hunters and dog lovers wait years, and pay $15,000 to $20,000 for a “finished” Labrador Retriever raised by Mike Stewart in Mississippi.
  • Fly fishermen waited years, and paid up to $2,500 for reels made by Stanley Bogdan, who passed away last month at 92.
  • There’s a wait of more than 5 years for bikes built by Sacha White in Portland, at an average price of $10,000.

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