Marketing Craftsmanship

A carnival palm reader once told me I had the hands of a craftsman.  Over the years, I’ve embraced the notion of craftsmanship, which I think of as the ongoing  pursuit of excellence — regardless of your life’s calling or avocation.

Craftsmen understand the intrinsic value of work (and play), take pride in their performance, execute with apparent ease, and set standards for others to follow. They can be found wearing scrubs in an operating room, talking on the phone in a customer service center, delivering your order at McDonald’s, writing complex software applications, re-building your motorcycle’s carburetor or sitting in a patrol car waiting to write you a citation for speeding.

Craftsmanship is the exception, never the rule, in every human endeavor.

This blog serves as a shelf to park thoughts, gripes and examples of craftsmanship…both in general, and specifically in the marketing-related disciplines…where I strive to be an exception.

I welcome your interest and participation in this discourse.

Gordon G. Andrew

Highlander Consulting Inc.

Princeton, New Jersey

©2021 Highlander Consulting Inc.

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