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Porno as a B2B Marketing Tactic?

Here’s an interesting insight from the Decision Dynamics survey released earlier this week. Co-sponsored by the Financial Times and Doremus, this survey of more than 500 senior-level business executives suggests that if you’re attempting to reach corporate decision-makers, you may want to want to re-consider Twitter as a marketing tactic. Fewer than 10% use Twitter at work, and only about 20% use Twitter at  home. 

Apparently there are better ways other than Twitter to leverage digital media to reach business executives;  including webcasts, podcasts, blogs and…yes, games…which is likely to be of some concern to company shareholders and laid-off employees, as it appears that nearly 40% of these senior executives spend some part of their day playing games at work.

Given the survey’s game-usage insight, here’s something that deserves additional research: if nearly 75% of senior executives frequently or sometimes “view online video” while they’re at work, what exactly are they watching?

Digital Media: % Used Frequently or Sometimes

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